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Pushing the Portal

In this week's PodSession Om and I talk about Google Finance and the emergence of Google's portal play. With e-mail, calendaring, mailing lists, finance, instant messaging, news, feed aggregator and more, Google is expanding its product offering beyond its search core and creating new "sticky" environments for its users.

Google Finance was created in Bangalore, India for the U.S. financial market. I liked the product's data overlays and integration of information from multiple Google properties such as blog search, groups, and news. Om found the product lacking in features such as major shareholders and insider activities.

What do users want from a portal? Are Gmail users more likely to spend time on other Google properties? Is Google a portal? Aren't portals dead?

We talk about these issues and more in this week's PodSession, Pushing the Portal. The podcast is 19 minutes long, a 9 MB download.